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Destroy all or nothing

Her name is Jess. She is 17 years old and lives in a country that calls itself Australia for whatever funny reason. She likes stuff, because stuff is very good.

Fun facts about her:
I. She is currently in high school, grade 11 to be precise.
II. She is an atheist.
III. She has no siblings and no pets.
IV. People always think she is scared of them, but chances are that just means she likes them.
V. She doesn't celebrate Christmas, Easter, or Australia Day, but she absolutely loves Halloween and thinks Thanksgiving is awesome despite living in the wrong country for them both.
VI. She smiles a lot, replaces said smiles with just as many smileys on the internet, and is annoyed by utterly pessimistic people.

Some favourite "stuffs" of hers include;
I. Coloured fonts in 'cool' shades such as blue, purple, green, and yellow, as well as the dear classic black or white.
II. She has often tried to name her favourite movies but the list ends up taking hours to compose and being so long that only the most bored of souls would bother to read it through. A select few favourite, however, include 28 Days Later, The Butterfly Effect, Coraline, District 9, Donnie Darko, Harry Potter, The Hills Have Eyes {'06}, Jurassic Park, Knowing, Lord of War, A Nightmare on Elm Street {all}, Riding the Bullet, Resident Evil {all}, Requiem for a Dream, Scream {all}, Sunshine, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre {'03}, as well as any George A. Romero movie.
III. The two school subjects that she has enjoyed most for their content are biology and physics, even if she does kinda suck at physics.
IV. Her favourite country is tied between Sweden and Finland and Norway, and she wants to move to one or all of them in the future.
V. She enjoys music, mostly sub-genres of metal. A selection of what she likes would include Children of Bodom, Chimaira, DevilDriver, Machine Head, Nightwish, and Within Temptation, but for a more detailed view it would be best to look her up on Last.fm, where she goes by the name 'xxjessss523' Sadly, she does not have the albums of a lot of said artists at the moment due to circumstances too complicated to explain here, and therefore her Last.fm is not truly accurate to her tastes.
VI. Her favourite kind of food is Mexican food. She has been quite addicted to it since she was a small child and could probably eat it for the rest of her life without getting sick of it. To a slightly lesser extent, she loves ice cream if it's from a store called Cold Rock.
VII. She thinks cats are cool creatures and would like to get one as soon as possible. Alas, this is unlikely, as I am clearly too young to buy a house and landlords are odd people who do not wants pets in their places of renting.
IX. Her favourite hobby is a tie between watching movies and writing. Both are wonderful in her eyes, and both often involve a large amount of horror and joy. But... hanging out with friends kind of beats those things, and if those things are done with friends, then they are just amazing <3

I think that's about enough for now. [: