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Friends only

Hey! I'm going to be f-locking a number of my posts, those about my writing and about myself, because possibly random lurkers don't need to see my 'slaved-over' writing excerpts or know where I'm heading off to on Saturday. So, you should friend me, I'll friend you back, and it'll all be good! [:

Comment here, if you wish, letting me know who you are =)

Goals for Tomorrow {03/12/09}

++Post WiP list here.
++Do TBYB prompt.
++Plan three more chapters of Yours To Keep.
++Write one chapter of Yours To Keep.
++Try dividing up my WriYe goal for a possible plan for next year that involves much writing in July, August, and November, and especially little in February and March {when I will be adjusting to a new school... yeah}
++Drink some orange juice ;DDD

A New Life for my LJ :D

This journal is taking a new direction. This new direction is called 'being updated regularly.' In 2010 I plan to make a few websites my internet homes. These sites will included LJ, WriYe (http://www.wriye.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=viewprofile), and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/#/profile.php?ref=name&id=1097925586). I plan to spend perhaps ridiculous amounts of time on them throughout the year, wasting time with Facebook games like Fish World and Cafe World, posting and gasping at how behind on 1kk I am for WriYe, and generally posting here.

I will post all sorts of things, I suspect. I see no real need to make a writing LJ and a personal one. I'm not what you'd call the "emotional" type, and by that I mean I don't generally post about it if I'm sad or angry or what-have-you. So my personal posts will mostly be along the lines of "I can't believe I left it this late to do this stupid biology assignment" or "yay I'm going to a concert" and things like that.

I plan to post writing excerpts. I have a goal to complete a novel of mine called Violent Kisses and Violent Minds next year. I wrote it 3 years ago and got near the end before stopping for no apparent reason. It is totally going to be posted here in full when it is written, because yeah :]

Why do I bother explaining all of this? Because if I don't it will be way too easy to forget :D I will be aiming to post twice a week, doesn't matter what it is as long as it's a post. At the same time I'll be planning to update my WriYe progress thread once a week. This should be fun. 2010, you WILL be awesome :D

I might delete all my old stuff off here some time next month. Or make it private to my eyes only if LJ doesn't delete things. That way, I can truly start this thing afresh :D

I just remembered...

...an idea that I once had, that I actually started writing, too. Pretty vague idea I guess, but I feel the need to share it with any wanderer who happens upon this little blog (that will be updated frequently in the fine year of 2010 and given a fancy new layout and such :D) that the idea went something like this.

My MC -- probably around 15 or so -- moves to another town, and discovers that she lives across the street from her childhood best friend, who moved suddenly a few years back. The thing is, though, that his mother won't let him leave the house. The reason I had for this? She claimed he had a "milk disease" and that whenever he came within a certain radius of milk, he would... I dunno... die? I didn't get far enough to really advance this (thankfully!) but I remember that the general idea was supposed to be about my MC helping the childhood friend to actually leave the house, sneak out or whatever, I don't even freaking think I thought that far ahead. In my defense, the childhood friend didn't *actually* have a milk disease, that was just a story, and I was about 12 at the time.

I wish I still had that story so I could read it and laugh, but alas, it was lost in the great computer crash of '07.

I <3 old stories. Even ones from last year are pure delights... which should perhaps concern me.